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Meet Terry and jamie, the dynamic Brothers and co-owners of Boston Tree Care.

We are honoured to rank among the top 10 tree climbers in the world. Jamie is the 2023 Asia Pacific tree climbing champion, and Terry was the 2019 Australian tree climbing champion. As proud Husqvarna ambassadors, we founded Boston Tree Care to create something truly our own. Our mission centres around delivering first-class arboriculture work, from fine pruning to large tree removal projects. Jamie is also Vice President of QAA (Queensland Arboricultural Association).

Our main goal is to provide exceptional tree solutions for many years to come. With qualifications like AQF Level 5 for Jamie (the highest level for an arborist), our passion for trees and commitment to excellence drive us to achieve milestones such as pruning a 600+ year old eucalyptus tree, maintaining city rooftop gardens, performing large crane-assisted diseased tree removals, and even assisting with Australia’s first ever helicopter job in Byron Bay.

As a family-owned and operated business, we treat our staff and clients like family, always presenting ourselves respectfully, professionally, and punctually. We take pride in our precision and efficiency, ensuring productive, safe, and proud staff. This contributes to an outstanding overall experience for our customers. Our partnership with Husqvarna and our strong family values make us leaders in the field and define what Boston Tree Care stands for.

Our Team

The Boston Tree Care team comprises a dedicated group of seasoned arborists and passionate tree enthusiasts. Led by the award-winning tree-climbers, Jamie and Terry, each member brings a unique expertise, ensuring top-tier service in every project. Their collective commitment to excellence, paired with their deep-rooted respect for nature, positions Boston Tree Care as a trusted leader in arboricultural services. Together, they ensure every tree is given the care and attention it deserves.

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Why Us?

Based in Brisbane, Boston Tree Care services throughout South East Queensland to Northern New South Wales.